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Image by Ales Me

Come sip "The Nectar of Midtown"


Before your favorite wine arrives at your table, it begins its life in the vineyards. Some vines climb like spiderwebs up hillsides, others make comfortable nests in deep valleys, while others stretch out over expansive planes. Wherever their source, the wine that you enjoy must be crafted from the finest fruits and cared for using industry-trusted techniques. At Antiquité Midtown Winery that's exactly what we do.


Located at 2116 P Street, alongside a private courtyard and behind Antiquité Maison Privée, the winery is fully-functional and produces wines from our vineyards in the famed Stags Leap District in Napa Valley. We also source grapes and showcase hand-crafted selections from other California appellations.

More than a showroom, Antiquité Midtown is a welcoming urban winery that offers boutique selections for the most discerning tastes. We are also open during events by arrangement and for private tastings.

For special events or wine tasting, send us a note.

Come sip at "The Jewel of Midtown."



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