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Master the Art of Decorating for Your Graduation Event at Antiquité Midtown: A Quick Guide


Graduation is a pivotal moment in life, a culmination of hard work and achievements, and the threshold to the future. It's an occasion that calls for celebration, festivity, and of course, impeccable decoration. Hosting this celebration at Antiquité Midtown, with its rich history and elegant charm, ensures a setting that is as grand as the occasion itself. Here, each decorative choice becomes a brushstroke in the masterpiece of your celebration, enhancing the historic and sophisticated ambiance that defines Antiquité Midtown.

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When planning your graduation event, the ambiance you create with your decorations sets the tone for the entire celebration. It’s about more than just aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that reflects the significance of this milestone. In this guide, we will navigate through the art of decorating in a way that intertwines elegance and personal touch, making your graduation event at Antiquité Midtown not just memorable but truly enchanting. By the end, we you will have the basics you'll need to master the art of decorating for your graduation event.

1. Theme It with Timeless Elegance 

Start by choosing a theme that reflects the graduate's journey and aspirations. Whether it's an elegant vintage soiree or a classic literary evening, Antiquité Midtown's historic ambiance enhances any theme with its intrinsic old-world charm. Let the venue's character guide your decorative decisions, ensuring a seamless blend of theme and setting.

2. Invitation Innovation 

Set the tone with invitations that echo the elegance of Antiquité Midtown. Use classic fonts and a color palette that matches the venue’s sophisticated decor. Incorporating elements of the venue, like its vintage motifs or Mediterranean architecture, can excite guests about the unique celebration to come.

3. Color Palette Precision 

Select colors that complement both the theme and the venue's palette. Opt for hues that harmonize with the rich woods and antique furnishings of Antiquité Midtown, such as deep burgundy, navy, or forest green, accented with gold or silver for a touch of luxury.

4. DIY Décor Dramas 

Personalize the space with DIY decorations that add intimate charm. Create photo montages that tell the graduate's story against the backdrop of Antiquité Midtown’s elegant interiors. Handcrafted table centerpieces featuring vintage items or books can enhance the historical feel of the venue.

5. Lighting to Set the Mood 

Utilize lighting to accentuate the venue’s features. Soft, ambient lighting highlights the architectural beauty of Antiquité Midtown, while fairy lights or vintage lamps add a warm, inviting glow, perfect for evening celebrations.

6. Memorable Menu Cards 

Design custom menu cards that reflect the venue’s elegant style. Use script fonts and parchment-style paper to add a vintage feel that complements the setting. These small details can elevate the overall dining experience and enhance the aesthetic of your tablespaces.

7. A Toast to the Future 

Create a bespoke toast station at Antiquité Midtown’s urban wine bar, equipped with vintage glassware and a selection of fine wines from our cellar. Decorate with thematic elements like old-world globes or antique books to enrich the historical ambiance of the venue.

8. Space Transformation Techniques 

Employ fabric draping to soften the space or use themed backdrops to create distinct areas within the venue. Antiquité Midtown’s structure lends itself beautifully to elegant transformations, making it easy to tailor different sections for dining, dancing, or lounging.

9. Table Setting Sophistication 

Set tables that reflect the grandeur of Antiquité Midtown. Use fine China, crystal glassware, and polished silverware, arranged on linen tablecloths. Floral arrangements featuring vintage-style blooms can center each table, echoing the venue’s garden-like feel.

10. A Fond Farewell 

Offer parting gifts that reflect the evening’s theme and the venue’s character. Package them in antique-style boxes or wrap them with lace and ribbons, ensuring that every last detail of your event is touched by the elegance of Antiquité Midtown.

Conclusion: Master the Art of Decorating for Your Graduation Event

Decorating for your graduation at Antiquité Midtown transcends ordinary event planning; it is an opportunity to curate an experience that celebrates academic success in an environment rich with history and elegance. This venue, with its unique blend of past and present, provides the perfect canvas for your celebration. As each element from the thematic decorations to the ambient lighting comes together, they create a symphony of elegance that resonates with the achievements being honored.

As you embark on planning and decorating for your graduation event, remember that each choice you make adds a layer to the narrative of this significant milestone. The goal is to craft an atmosphere that not only dazzles but also deeply resonates with the graduate and all attendees. Let the storied walls of Antiquité Midtown inspire your decorative decisions, ensuring your celebration is not just seen but felt, leaving a lasting impression on all who partake in this momentous day. Here’s to creating a backdrop for memories that will be cherished for a lifetime, where every detail reflects the grandeur of achievement and the promise of future successes.


Q: How can I decorate for a graduation event on a budget at Antiquité Midtown? 

Focus on leveraging the venue's inherent charm. Use simple, elegant decorations that enhance the existing decor, such as candles, string lights, and minimal floral arrangements. Antiquité’s ambiance provides a naturally rich backdrop, reducing the need for extensive decorations.

Q: What are the most important elements to consider when decorating for an outdoor graduation party at Antiquité Midtown? 

Utilize the venue’s courtyard by incorporating its natural elements into your decor. Opt for sturdy decorations that complement the outdoor setting and consider the time of day to ensure adequate lighting and comfort for guests.

Q: How do I make my graduation event decoration stand out at Antiquité Midtown? 

Personalize your event with elements that reflect the graduate’s personality and achievements. Use the venue's unique features as a backdrop for custom displays, like an art exhibit of the graduate’s work or a showcase of their academic journey, creating a standout celebration that guests will remember.


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