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Getting the Full Picture: Essential Questions to Ask During an Event Venue Site Visit

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Understanding the Importance of a Site Visit

A site visit is a key element in the event planning process that is often overlooked. It's your chance to visualize the event in the space and identify any potential issues that might come up on the day. It allows you to establish a relationship with the venue manager, understand the venue's limitations, and start envisioning how you can make the space work for your event. Here are a few important questions you should consider on your site visit.

a view inside Antiquite Maison Privee during a private event

Does the Venue Accommodate the Event's Needs?

To begin with, you should ask if the event venue is capable of accommodating the specific requirements of your event. These may range from seating capacity, accessibility, and equipment availability, to technical capabilities such as Wi-Fi and AV support. Make sure to ask if they have any restrictions or limitations on decorations or outside vendors.

What Services are Included?

Remember to inquire about the services included in the rental fee. Some venues offer comprehensive packages that include catering, decoration, and technical support, while others provide only the space. You'll want to know what's included upfront to avoid surprise costs later.

Understanding Venue Policies and Restrictions

The next part of your site visit checklist should focus on the venue's policies and restrictions. Every venue is different, and understanding these rules can help prevent any surprises down the line.

What are the Payment and Cancellation Policies?

Understanding the payment and cancellation policies is crucial. Venues may have strict cancellation policies and require a hefty deposit upfront. Ensure you understand these terms to avoid unexpected costs if your plans change.

Are there Any Noise or Time Restrictions?

Noise restrictions are another important aspect to consider. Some venues may have noise restrictions due to their location or the building they are in, so it's vital to discuss this during your site visit. Time restrictions are equally important. You'll need to know how early you can start setting up and when you must finish your event.

Inspecting the Infrastructure

Moving on with our site visit checklist, the infrastructure of an event venue is of paramount importance, often making or breaking the success of your event. Let's dive into a few areas you should focus on.

Is the Venue Easily Accessible?

Accessibility is a key factor to consider. Is the venue easily accessible by public transportation or does it provide ample parking space for attendees who may drive? Additionally, if you have any attendees with special needs, ask if the venue is equipped with facilities such as ramps or elevators.

What are the Restroom Facilities Like?

A frequently overlooked detail, but crucial nonetheless, is the state and number of restroom facilities. Make sure there are enough for the number of guests you're expecting, and that they're in good, clean condition.

Assessing the Aesthetic Appeal

After you've thoroughly inspected the practical elements of the event venue, it's time to turn your attention to its aesthetic appeal. You want your event to leave a lasting impression on your attendees, and the aesthetics of the venue can greatly contribute to that.

Does the Venue's Ambience Match Your Event's Theme?

Does the venue's ambiance align with your event's theme or purpose? If you're hosting a professional event, an artistic, whimsical venue might not be the best fit. Similarly, a traditional, formal venue may not work well for a fun, casual event.

Is the Venue Well-Maintained and Clean?

Check if the venue is well-maintained and clean. If the venue is not properly kept, it may reflect negatively on your event. Also, it's a good indicator of how much the venue's management values its clients.

In the final sections, we will further discuss the safety considerations and layout of the venue.

Evaluating Safety and Emergency Preparedness

As you continue with your site visit checklist, safety, and emergency preparedness are aspects of an event venue that should never be overlooked. Safety is not only a concern but a priority.

What are the Safety Measures in Place?

Ask about the safety measures that the venue has in place. This could include fire extinguishers, emergency exits, first aid kits, and security personnel. Confirm that all safety equipment is up-to-date and functioning properly.

How Prepared is the Venue for Emergency Situations?

Inquire about the venue's preparedness for emergency situations. Does the venue have a solid evacuation plan? Are staff trained in emergency procedures? Having a clear understanding of these elements will ensure a safe and secure event.

Reviewing the Venue's Layout

Lastly, you'll want to thoroughly review the layout of the event venue. This is an important aspect of your site visit checklist as it plays a significant role in how your event will flow.

How Flexible is the Venue's Layout?

A flexible layout can make a world of difference in accommodating your event's specific needs. Ask if the venue provides different setup options and whether or not they allow for customization.

Does the Venue Provide the Necessary Signage?

Lastly, check if the venue provides necessary signage or if you'll need to arrange this yourself. Proper signage can greatly enhance the flow of your event and the overall guest experience.

In the final section, we'll wrap up our discussion and answer a few common questions about conducting a site visit.


Choosing the perfect event venue involves more than just finding a space that fits your budget. A comprehensive site visit allows you to understand the full picture of what a venue offers, from its aesthetic appeal to its practical capabilities, safety measures, and flexibility. Remember to take your time, ask detailed questions, and envision your event unfolding in the space. Only then can you truly ensure the venue aligns with your needs, making your event a resounding success.

FAQs: Event Venue Site Visits

Q: How many site visits should I conduct before finalizing a venue?

A: There isn't a definitive number. It depends on the nature of your event, your specific requirements, and how quickly you connect with a venue. Some event planners find the perfect venue on their first visit, while others may need to visit several before making a decision.

Q: Can I conduct a site visit virtually?

A: While a physical site visit is always preferable, virtual site visits have become increasingly common, especially due to recent global events. They can give you a good initial impression of a venue, but they may not provide the full picture.

Q: What should I bring to a site visit?

A: Bring a notepad and pen to jot down notes, a camera to take pictures, and a list of questions to ask the venue manager. It might also be helpful to bring a floor plan or layout of your event.

Q: What if I have special technical requirements for my event?

A: If your event requires special technical setups, such as complex AV requirements or staging, discuss these during your site visit. Some venues may have these facilities on-site, while others may require you to bring in outside vendors.

Q: What happens if the venue doesn't live up to expectations on the day of the event?

A: Open communication with your venue manager is key. If any issues arise, discuss them immediately. Most managers will be more than willing to work with you to ensure your event is a success.


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